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VTRON delivers 99-cube video wall to Hong Kong’s MTR

The wall, in the control centre of Hong's Kong's Mass Transit Railway and part of a $15 million refurbishment, delivers 150 million pixels via a 33x3 configuration of VTRON's Visionpro 80” SXGA+ LED DLP video wall cubes.

The Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR) has undergone a US$15 million facelift to upgrade facilities and equipment at the Tsing Yi Operations Control Centre (OCC), including the installation of 99 (33 x 3) VTRON Visionpro 80” SXGA+ LED DLP video wall cubes for a total of 150 million pixels.

The VTRON video wall uses an LED light source, allowing for low maintenance costs, high image quality, and environmental friendliness. Features include full cycle colour, and automatic colour and brightness management for optimum colour performance and brightness uniformity. Hot redundant power supplies provide a backup necessary for 24/7 critical operations.

“Something happening on one line can have an impact on another line,” said Jay Walder, chief executive officer of MTR Corporation, “so it makes sense for our traffic controllers to be able to get an overall picture of what is happening in the network. This will make it easier for them to assess situations arising in the train service and decide on the appropriate action to take. It will also further enhance communication amongst the controllers of different lines.”

Digicom ARK 3000 Series was chosen to provide 180G/s high speed bandwidth bus technology to enable real time signal processing and deliver exceptional scalability. The signal inputs are designed using embedded input cards, hot swappable to allow for maintenance.

To cope with a wide range of emergencies, the ‘Super OCC’ uses an ultra high bandwidth (10G) network server in the video wall system. The Super OCC utilises a centralised monitoring system to integrate all the main railway lines’ signals, and power system monitoring is via supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). Images from CCTV cameras are centrally monitored.

Super OCC is designed to satisfy the overall requirements of MTR train operations as well as network expansion, with an additional four new rail lines being constructed in the near future.