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VSI gives new rugby ground a Community feel

VSI had worked on a number of projects with Whitehead BS prior to this latest engagement, which entailed the specification of Community R5 stadium speakers and TOA’s VX system manager system, among other equipment.

A total of 39 R series loudspeakers have been installed, fixed to the underside of the grandstand roof structure. The main amplifier racks are situated in the stadium’s air-conditioned IT room.

Collectively, the system enables the venue to satisfy standard VA and PA criteria, and to cope with pre-match entertainment and the other requirements of a modern sports stadium.

Community UK’s Stuart Cunningham told II: “The Community R.5 loudspeakers not only provide excellent speech intelligibility, but also deliver musical content with aplomb so they are ideal for modern sports grounds. The products have been specifically designed for outdoor use; the tough polyethylene enclosure with stainless steel mounting hardware and grille ensuring a long life in service even in the Welsh climate!”