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Vision releases TC2 VGATP for Techconnect Twist range

The new adapter from Vision is fitted via twisted pair cabling to send VGA signal over CAT5e or CAT6 cables 60m or 80m in distance, respectively - enabling cheaper cabling and simplified installations.

Vision has expanded its Techconnect Twist range with the introduction of the new TC2 VGATP adapter – which enables VGA to be sent up to 60m over a CAT5e system or up to 80m over CAT6.

The new transmitter presents as a normal Vision Techconnect VGA and minijack module from the front, allowing clip-in installation.

Audio passes through the transmitter, but VGA is sent to the receiver which plugs directly into the projector – via twisted pair cable. A power-over-ethernet system means only one mains power adaptor is required to power both the transmitter and receiver – and this can be used at either end.

Vision says AV resellers can take advantage in buildings which have been flood-wired with network cable. CAT5 cable is far less expensive than VGA and is easier to work with; it has a tighter bend-radius, is thinner, easier to pull, and simple to terminate.

Replacing VGA cable with a twisted pair cable means if in the future the users needs to replace the VGA with HDMI or DisplayPort they just have to change the adaptors at the ends.