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VIP guests at Yotel NY get Revolabs FLX phone conferencing technology

Yotel has implemented Revolabs’ FLX wireless conferencing phone system to provide VIP guests with more freedom when in meetings.

Yotel’s first city centre hotel, situated at Times Square, New York, now offers VIP guests in its exclusive cabin suites access to a Revolabs FLX wireless conferencing phone system.

The hotel offers 669 stylish cabins, including three VIP two-cabin suites. The VIP cabins are equipped with workstations, free Wi-Fi, and boardroom-style tables that convert into billiard tables.

The Revolabs FLX wireless conference phone is available to the guests for business calls. Yotel staff can install the system in either three of the suites, enabling inhabitants to roam about their spaces during meetings without the restraint of wires.

“We’ve received a lot of requests for the FLX phones by our VIP guests, and it has proven to be a winning solution to meet their business needs,” says Yefri Gatica of Yotel. “Users have been impressed by the FLX’s ease of use, style, and wireless capabilities, in addition to its strong performance and reliability.”

There is no need for a separate desk and conference phone because the Revolabs FLX dialer operates like a telephone for handset calls and enables the setup of conference calls. The Revolabs FLX can also serve as the audio interface with virtually any major brand of video-conferencing equipment, providing the same high audio performance within video calls.

Combining wireless operation, high-quality wideband audio, 128-bit encryption, integrated Bluetooth, and support for analog and IP, the Revolabs FLX is a fully functional conference speakerphone. It is available with a variety of compatible Revolabs microphones. The Revolabs FLX microphone option includes a lapel microphone, worn by one person; an omnidirectional tabletop microphone that captures the sound of six to ten participants; and a directional tabletop microphone that enables audio capture from two to three people.