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US theatre chooses A&H digital

Introduced in 2007, the iLive-80 was the fourth control surface to be launched for the iLive system, and was devised to suit smaller applications such as theatres, churches and touring groups.

The Allen & Heath systems were fitted by Audio Plus as a part of a comprehensive audio installation at the Children’s Theatre, which hosts local and regional theatre productions, as well as other events.

“The iLive/iDR integration is the perfect solution for theatre as it is infinitely flexible and has a ton of features that will allow the system to grow with the venue’s needs over time,” commented Charles Cassell from sales rep firm Audio Associates. “The iLive system is configured for 48 inputs by 24 outputs, with eight of the inputs and eight of the outputs located at the FOH control surface, and the remaining 40 inputs and 16 outputs in the mix rack located near the stage. The outputs from the mix rack are bussed to the iDR-8, which takes care of all of the speaker management and remote controls installed in the venue.”

Benefits of the selected equipment include the DCA control of the iLive system from the PL-10, enabling non-technical staff to handle audio levels and mutes during rehearsals or more straightforward events, along with scene recall and system admin permissions. “Productions at this theatre typically involve 24 wireless mics and headsets, so a great strength of the iLive system is its ability to control volumes and mutes easily in a theatrical performance situation,” noted Cassell.