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US complex upgrades with Aviom

Having selected A-Net after considering a number of possible systems, AV design/sales company Progressive Electronics based the installation around the Aviom AN-16/I Input Module, connected to six stereo Sirius Satellite Radio feeds. From there, the signals are sent to an A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor that accepts one Pro16 A-Net input signal and splits it into nine parallel outputs via standard Cat5e cables.

“Once we digitised the signals and split them, we used standard Cat5e to fibre media converters to accomplish the long-distance runs,” explained Progressive Electronics’ Chase Nugen. “We ran the Fibre Channel to each location without signal loss or degradation, then converted the fibre signal back into Cat5e and ultimately into an Aviom A-16R Rack-Mount Mixer for signal distribution to existing speaker zones. In this way, we have provided local control over which station each zone would like to hear.”

In addition to the six digital radio feeds, the A-16R allows for the local connection of a stereo analogue source, in this case a CD player.

Jeff Lange, Aviom’s consultant liaison and training manager, told II: “Transport over fibre is becoming increasingly important since many installations require long distance cable runs. Aviom’s new line of products, the Pro64 Series, includes a fibre merger, the MH10f Merger Hub, built specifically for integrating fiber optic connectivity into A-Net applications that require connecting multiple buildings on a campus like Nestle Purina’s.”