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US church gets Danley Sound

A new 800-seat sanctuary built at the 100-year-old St John’s Congregational Church required a sound reinforcement system that could handle the venue's high-energy music programme.

St John’s Congregational Church, which is located in Springfield, Massachusetts, US, has installed a Danley Sound Labs sound reinforcement system in its new 800-seat Sanctuary.

A ‘high-energy’ contemporary music programme at the predominantly African-American church prompted Georgia-based dB Audio & Video to select the solution after visiting local installations.

“To meet their needs, we had to design a sound system with great intelligibility, musicality, and low-end extension – even and especially at high SPLs,” said Victor Puddy, chief engineer with dB Audio & Video.

A single Danley SH-96 mounted at the ceiling above the stage covers most of the seats, and a pair of Danley SH-60s on either side provide fill. A Danley SH-100 mounted behind the SH-96 and facing the opposite direction covers the choir. Meanwhile, two Danley TH-115 subwoofers mounted on the floor deliver generous bass.

An Allen & Heath GLD-80 digital mixer (paired with a digital snake for the stage and a second digital snake for wireless microphone receivers and playback devices) provides a flexible and recallable front end. A dozen Shure ULX wireless microphones guarantee excellent reception and fidelity at the sound source. Output from the mixer feeds a Danley Sound Labs DSLP-48 signal processor, which in turn feeds RMX 450 and 1850 amplifiers.

A new Panasonic HD video system complements the sound reinforcement system, while HD cameras capture video of the service from different angles and distances and project them on two screens behind the stage, and to one on the back wall for the choir. In addition, the HD video signal is distributed throughout the building.

“They’ve been using the new system for several weeks now, and it would seem that everybody is in love with it,” finished Puddy. “They were especially impressed by the even coverage and the tremendously deep and clear bass response.”