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Turning professional: ILS launches Sho-Q presenter tools

The systems are said to turn corporate presentations, seminars and conferences into professionally executed events.

To enhance the support by Microsoft Powerpoint2007, ILS launches the Sho-Q presenter tools for managing all presentations and to provide continuous display to the audience. Speakers can now walk up to the podium, find on the lectern display all first slides of all presentations on the agenda, touch once and instantly start presenting.

The totally intuitive touch screen in front of the presenter maintains the train of thought: it shows the slide, its associated notes, a timer, the slides ahead and past as well as a slide picker. Semi translucent buttons show up only when needed to control staged slides and multimedia files.

When the speaker is finished, the system takes over with automated intermezzo presentations set by the conference planner until the next speaker hits the start slide of his/her presentation, enabling a professional and seamless event.

“We really want to take presentations in seminars and meetings to the next level of professionalism, without the need for training in using the tools, or for technical support,” says the company’s Henk de Groot. “Avoid the risk of lowering the stature of the presenter when he/she needs to deal with technology issues, specially during events where there is no trained AV specialist in the room. Intelligent Lectern Systems with Sho-Q support is the answer.”

ILS lectern systems equipped with Sho-Q are intended for use in conferences, congresses and seminars as well as for corporate presentations and are very easy to set up.