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Turbosound specification for new Australian nightclub

In total, more than 50 Turbosound loudspeakers were specified for the impressive new venue, which features crystal chandeliers, French-style lounges, laced curtains, plasma screens and aluminium bars.

The dance floor system is based around four Turbosound TQ-315s (15in/1.5in) and two TSW-218 dual 18in subwoofers. Meanwhile, the bars are covered with over 30 Turbosound TCS-081C compact (8in/1in) cabinets and TSB-212 dual 12in bandpass subwoofers, with TCS-101C (10in/1in) cabinets utilised as DJ monitors. The system also includes a quantity of IP54-rated TCS-081CWs for the outdoor area.

JVG’s Jade Golar commented: “We use Turbosound and Lab.gruppen wherever possible as we know it sounds great. It looks the part, is reliable and our clients and, just as importantly, their customers appreciate the quality.”

The dominant fixture in the installation, the TCS-081C, is a compact trapezoidal full-range two-way loudspeaker with an 8in low-frequency driver and a 1in high-frequency driver. It offers a maximum SPL (peak) of 122dB.