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Turbosound loudspeakers all aboard Viking Line’s new ship

Turbosound has supplied an amount of its TCS Series loudspeakers - via its Finnish distributor Noreton - to Scandinavian passenger and cargo carrier Viking Line for its new ship - the M/S Viking Grace.

The brand new M/S Viking Grace, which is operated by Scandinavian passenger and cargo carrier Viking Line, will set sail in January 2013 – complete with 344 Turbosound loudspeakers installed throughout the vessel as part of its sound reinforcement system.

A roster of 344 Turbosound models were required to accommodate the wide range of sound reinforcement needs throughout M/S Viking Grace, with Turbosound’s Finnish distributor Noretron responsible for delivery of the equipment.

The system incorporates 256 TCS-C50T ceiling speakers, which ensure that audio requirements for both background music and the needs of the ship’s voice alarm and announcements systems are met in restaurants, conference and shop facilities. The loudspeaker’s feature multiple line transformer taps allow sound level adjustment in the ship’s various zones.

A further 47 Impact55T architectural speakers were installed to ‘blend in’ with the ship’s surroundings, while providing ‘note-perfect’ sound in the ship’s nightclub, restaurants, cafes, cinemas and conference rooms.

The remainder of the Turbosound equipment was deployed in the entertainment areas of the ship, including the nightclub. This part of the inventory includes eight TCS-1061/100 wide dispersion install line arrays and six TCS-122 passive 12in two-ways; a further 10 NuQ-6 compact passive 6in two-ways and two TCX-15B bandpass subwoofers; and an additional six TCS-B15B subwoofers and nine TFA-600B subwoofers.

Jorma Tikka, senior sales manager for Noretron, commented: “This project is challenging and at the same time rewarding. It’s crucial that all specified products are reliable and robust because of the difficulty in finding and replacing parts while a cruise ship is out at sea.

“A modern cruise liner presents a variety of challenges when it comes to sound reinforcement. Systems have to deal with multiple types of use. The versatility of the Turbosound systems means that every base is covered; there is no audio situation that Turbosound loudspeakers cannot deal with. Many of the company’s products can also be customised further ensuring that they are ideal for any environment.”

The M/S Viking Grace will serve the route between the Finnish city of Turku and the Swedish capital Stockholm, making a stop on the way at the town of Mariehamn on the island of Aland. The ship boasts advanced and environmentally friendly fuel and technology, as well as its market-leading audio equipment.