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Tryka and Martin Professional light up Liverpool’s Cube

Stand-out features include the colour-washing of each floor-to-ceiling window as a separate zone using Tryka K2 LED RGB Strip Modules.

In addition, some 250 Tryka RGB Module 3 lighting units have been fitted in the non-dancefloor areas of the first and second floors. Other fixtures on the second floor include Martin Professional Krypton 575 moving heads, MX-10 Extreme scanners and Wizard Extremes.

The top floor VIP area also features Tryka Module 3 LED units, in this case to help create a suitably chilled-out atmosphere. In addition, four Tryka IP68-rated Module 36s create the colourful flood wash for the adjoining roof terrace.

“Products made by Tryka and Martin Professional made my design ideas achievable,” said Riley. “It’s reassuring to work with such companies; I have confidence in both the products and the team. I use the products because you know that many years down the line they will still work and still look fantastic.”