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Triple loudspeaker launch from Vue AudioTechnik

Vue Audiotechnik is introducing three new loudspeaker ranges at this year's InfoComm show. The flagship H series incorporates beryllium HF compression drivers rather than the more standard titanium or aluminium materials.

Vue Audiotechnik is premiering three of its latest loudspeaker families at this week’s InfoComm convention in Las Vegas. The new H, A and I Classes all incorporate purpose-designed transducers, enclosures, and system electronics. Vue’s propriety Truextent beryllium HF compression drivers run at the heart of the new H Class full-range system, with Kyle Ritland, marketing manager at Vue remarking: “Aluminum has always been considered better sounding than titanium, but is significantly less durable. Looking at all three, beryllium offers better sonic performance than aluminum with higher stiffness and durability per weight than titanium.” The H Class family comprises 12- and 15in two-way models as well as the HS-28 subwoofer, which is a dual 18in active design that debuts Vue’s patent pending Active Compliance Management (ACM) technology. ACM utilises a unique hybrid configuration in which two 18in woofers, each with in built amplifier and DSP control share a common vented chamber. Active onboard electronics include system-optimised amplification and DSP for each driver and cabinet combination. Network control and monitoring capabilities are available via standard Ethernet-based protocols and accessible through an intuitive software interface. The Class A system has the same design principles and similar voicing characteristics that are behind the flagship H Class. The range includes passive systems in 8-, 10-, 12-, and 15in two-way configurations, as well as a selection of three powerful subwoofers Vue Audiotechnik’s I Class is said to offer AV Contractors an alternative to the plastic-boxed systems on the market. The range includes surface-mount, full-range systems as well as three powered and passive subwoofer options, allowing contractors and system designers to address applications ranging from compact PA to ancillary fill in larger distributed systems. Ken Berger, CEO of Vue Audiotechnik comments: “We’ve worked hard to ensure that each of our classes brings something truly unique to their respective markets – from cutting edge technologies and innovative designs in the flagship H Class, to a very compelling price/performance equation in our I Class systems.”