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Traumpalast cinema undergoes digital overhaul with Kinoton

A comprehensive digital solution from German-based Kinoton was installed at the Traumpalast cinema, Germany - just in time for showings of the new James Bond film, Skyfall.

Eight months after it commenced remodeling work comprising a new digitalised solution from Kinoton, the Traumpalast cinema in Backnang, Germany, has celebrated its reopening by showing the new James Bond film Skyfall.

The theatre, which has a total of five auditoriums and seating to accommodate more than 600 moviegoers, enlisted Germany-based theatre technology specialist to completely digitise, automate, and network the facility.

Service technicians from Kinoton’s Southern German branch installed five Kinoton DCS Digital Cinema Solutions – one in each auditorium – with lamp outputs between three and 4.5 kW. In three of these, the Kinoton solution is complemented by a 3D system from Dolby.

Kinoton’s Remote Service can be used maintain all of the D-Cinema projection systems, with the D-Cinema equipment and all of the auditorium functions linked by Kinoton Digital Cinema Automation (DCA).

The side and main curtains, lighting, and sound processors can be operated both from control panels in the individual projection rooms and auditoriums and via playlists stored on the D-Cinema servers. Practical DCA interface modules also allow Kinoton to add new equipment and functionality to the cinema’s DCA system.

The Backnang Traumpalast also boasts a leading-edge Kinoton TMS (Theatre Management System). Instead of operating each D-Cinema server individually, staff can manage all five auditoriums via the Kinoton TMS from a central control booth. This enables playlists for all auditoriums to be centrally created and distributed to the servers, allowing staff to send films and trailers to auditoriums for showing.

Also very practical are the possibilities for remotely monitoring the equipment in the projection rooms to check the status of ongoing shows and nip any problems in the bud.

“The all-blue Backnang Traumpalast looks amazing, it shines like the stars in the Traumpalast logo,” commented Heinz Lochmann, owner, Backnang Traumpalast. “Everything is just right, from the façade across the lobby to the individual auditoriums. The Backnang Traumpalast carries our concept into a new dimension.”