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Toshiba LEDs to illuminate Mona Lisa

Following the success of exterior installations, Toshiba has extended its partnership with the Louvre Museum and will now replace interior lighting with an LED solution.

Toshiba has announced an agreement with the Louvre Museum that will see its LED lighting installed around globally renowned exhibits that include Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

The manufacturer has worked with the Parisian venue since 2010, when it was selected to light the exterior of the museum. LED replacement work, believed to be reducing power consumption at the museum by 73%, was completed as recently as mid-May to areas including the famous Pyramid and the Colbert Pavilion. The partnership agreement is set to continue to the end of 2023.
 The new deal covers renovation of LED lighting in important interior spaces, including specific exhibit lighting for the Mona Lisa, and for the Red Rooms, which display masterpieces such as Jacques-Louis David’s Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon I and Coronation of the Empress Josephine, as well as the Napoleon Hall, the Louvre’s main entrance. Edward Lees, product manager at Toshiba Information Systems (UK), commented: “This partnership has pursued artistic integrity in the LED lighting from every conceivable perspective: the shape of the fixtures, illumination brightness, colour tone and installation angle, to achieve a lighting finish that respects the scenery of Paris. “The fusion of French artistry with Japanese technology that Toshiba has promoted has been realised ultimately through numerous innovations. Toshiba will continue to refine its technical skills in the pursuit of the potential of LED lighting.” Further renovation of LED lighting in the Cour Carré is also scheduled to be completed in 2013.