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To the cathedral: Helvar in Cologne

The DALI protocol on which the DIGIDIM routers function enables remote positioning of components such as transformers, ballasts, dimmers and relay units, directly within the luminaires. Each sub-system has a unique address and reports its status to the control system.

Convenience and efficiency are said to be among the primary assets of the DIGIDIM router, which automatically configures the replacement components during maintenance. If a dimmer fails, the DIGIDIM router generates an error message.

A total of eight sub-distributors are in use at Cologne, with 18 routers deployed in one fibre optic Ethernet backbone. The entire cathedral system is controlled from the vestry via a 17in touchscreen programmed with 76 different scenes.

Steve Buckley, sales manager at Helvar, told II: “The Ethernet-based DIGIDIM system is ideal for complex buildings or those that simply differ from the norm. Each router can operate two DALI subnets and the modular nature delivers a fully scaleable system but one which does not require computer control for everyday functionality.”

One of Europe’s most instantly recognisable houses of worship, the construction of Cologne Cathedral took place over more than 600 years.