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Thinking out of the box: Norway gets Cornered

Since the summer, EHS has supplied Cornered speakers to a variety of commercial customers including Bistro Brocante in Oslo, Barskapet in Jesseim, Skogstad H_yfjellshotell, Phileas Fog in Kristiansand and Pollen in Arendal. The picture shows the newly opened Club Z in Drammen, where 10 of Cornered Audio’s C6TRM enclosures have been installed in the lounge.

Thomas Edvardsen, EHS technical director, comments: “When I saw our first Cornered install, it surprised me how well the speakers integrated into the room. The boxes are really loud and you don’t need massive amps. While having to think differently when installing the boxes, once you get the hang of it, the design works extremely well. Our customers love the combination of compact design and surprisingly loud sound, and we are already planning for another four Cornered installs early next year.”