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Theatres and cinemas – Plasa 2012 preview

Architects involved in the theatre sector will find much of interest at Plasa 2012, Earls Court, 9-12 September. TFA has a look at what’s best in show.

Architects involved in the theatre sector will find much of interest at Plasa 2012, Earls Court, 9-12 September. TFA has a look at what’s best in show. Plasa 2012 is the largest international event for entertainment and installation technology professionals in the UK. Taking place at Earls Court in London, 9-12 September, Plasa has been at the centre of the entertainment technology industry for 35 years and is the place to see new technology for live concerts and tours, theatres, nightclubs, permanent installations and leisure attractions. The Plasa 2012 Professional Development Programme is one of the largest knowledge sharing events in Europe. The programme includes over 100 free to attend sessions, specialist conferences, product training, special interest seminars, and in-depth project-based case studies. Highlights include: LED Theatrical Luminaires: Are We There Yet?The explosion of LED luminaires has turned the industry on its ear. But how are LED luminaires ready for theatrical applications where the most discerning designers in the world work?
Sunday 9 September, 3.30pm – 4.30pm, speaker Fred Foster Architecture and The Art of Theatre DesignA revolution in theatre architecture has occurred. The dead hand of modernism and ‘engineered’ theatre has been lifted. The human scale, three-dimensional theatre, beloved of our ancestors, has re-emerged with a new recognition of the power and magic of theatrical energy between actor and audience.
 But paradoxically, global austerity, competition on our digital planet, and the contradictions of new world markets, force new realities upon us. Folly, ignorance and arrogance still stalk the corridors of theatre architecture.
How does the theatre design consultant preserve, strengthen, and reinvigorate his, or her, role in creating the essential theatricality and humanity in new affordable theatres for a changing world.
Monday 10 September, 11.00am – 12.00pm, Richard Pilbrow As well as the exciting education programme, manufacturers will be exhibiting their latest wares. We pick out the best in show in the following pages to save you the legwork.

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RDM compliance at Plasa For several years, Plasa’s Technical Resources Office, supported by manufacturers of RDM-compliant equipment, has provided a stand at PLASA dedicated to RDM (Remote Device Management) with the aim of familiarising visitors with the RDM protocol. This year is no exception, yet brings a slightly different approach that reflects how the RDM protocol has become more widely recognised, understood and adopted as an industry standard. This year’s stand will go beyond explaining the basics of what RDM is and how to use it, and explore the uses and applications to which it can be put within two major market areas. The stand will demonstrate two fully functioning RDM systems, one dedicated to architectural applications and one to entertainment use. Each system will have a fully working RDM network showing the strengths of the RDM protocol and how it can be used in these different environments. The entertainment system will be composed of a control desk and dimmer racks and concentrate on the configuration aspect of the RDM protocol. Demonstrations will show how the entertainment controller allows the user to set up and configure RDM fixtures without leaving the comfort of their control desk. By contrast, the architectural system will concentrate on real-time monitoring of RDM fixtures. This illustrates how the user is able to see up-to-date sensor values such as temperature and lamp life, and how this information can be sent to the outside world in the form of information or warnings. The working systems will be augmented by a range of other RDM compliant equipment that demonstrates the breadth of equipment and number of manufacturers that now support the RDM protocol. Industry RDM specialists will be on hand to demonstrate the systems and answer any RDM questions you may have. RDM Plasa Stand Number: [email protected][email protected]
ETC highlights new and updated products at PLASA 2012 ETC’s stand at PLASA 2012 is set to be better than ever before, with a range of new and updated products on demonstration For the first time in the UK, the Layers of Light theatre space will offer a short presentation every hour. ETC market manager Erik Larsen says: “We’ll set up a series of coloured fabrics to show how colours can balance, ‘pop’ or appear dull by adjusting each of the different colours in an LED fixture. We’ll then show how each of the company’s different ranges of fixtures can work well either together or separately. ETC staff will demonstrate how LED can be mixed with conventional incandescent light sources, and how that works with a Sensor3 Power Control system. “While we recognise that no single fixture is perfect for every kind of use, ETC’s goal is to provide designers with tools that stand out on their own but also enhance the abilities of any lighting rig in combination with other sources.” Also on the ETC stand will be ETC Source Four LED demo stations, where visitors can see the power and versatility of white and colour mixing LED fixtures for themselves, and a range of ETC control desks from the Congo and Eos lines – including the newest, Gio – with the company’s latest software updates installed. Congo software v6.3, which is due for release in September, brings a collection of user interface expansions to Congo, including a new context menu system, similar to right-click menus found in other software. ETC’s Sensor3 Power Control System will be the star of the dimming and architectural controls area of the stand, while, in the fixtures area, an exciting new addition to the Source Four range will be on show. Visit stand number 1-G39, beside the bar and business lounge in the centre of Hall 1. [email protected][email protected]
Robert Juliat at Plasa 2012 PLASA marks the official launch of TIBO and ZEP, Robert Juliat’s latest LED profiles which enjoyed a successful preview at Frankfurt’s Prolight+Sound show earlier this year. TIBO LED is a high intensity 75W LED profile with a choice of two zoom ranges in one single unit (30°/45 and 15°/ 35°). Plastic, glass or metal M-size gobos can be projected and benefit from the easy alignment afforded by the 360° rotating lens tube. Three colour temperatures are available: Warm White (3000K), Neutral White (4000K) and Cool White (6500K). TIBO LED is supplied with a separate, flicker-free power supply which makes it extremely versatile as it can be used in film, television and studio environments as well as in conventional theatre. The cool running LEDs make it suitable for use in listed venues, exhibitions, museums or when lighting valuable or light-sensitive objects. TIBO is also available as a tungsten unit with a choice of 300W, 500W, 600W and 650W lamps. Like its LED counterpart, TIBO Tungsten offers two zoom ranges in the single unit, a 360° rotating lens tube and is available in a choice of bodywork colours. ZEP is the big brother of TIBO with a powerful 150W LED light source. Two colour temperatures are available: Warm White 3200K and Cool White 6000K. ZEP’s double condenser optical system and A size gobos combine the best beam quality with maximum light output to give superbly sharp gobo projection using plastic, metal or glass gobos. Gobos can be locked firmly in position using RJ’s user-friendly barrel lock, whilst RJ’s shutter locking system can lock up to 8 shutters in place within the gate. TIBO LED will illuminate Robert Juliat’s PLASA stand and illustrate the quality of its performance and its low energy requirements. An array of RJ profiles – including TIBO and ZEP profiles – will project gobos and show off their projection quality and the versatility of the whole RJ profile range. Also on the stand will be a selection of Robert Juliat’s famous followspots including the 4000W HTI Lancelot which recently appeared on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert and the Eurovision Song Contest, the 1800W MSR Victor long throw spot and its short throw counterpart, Flo. Finally, the modular CIN’K theatre spotlight will also be exhibited. Available with interchangeable lamp bases, which gives the designer the choice of 5000W / 2500W tungsten or 1200W / 2500W MSR lightsources, this 250cm diameter Fresnel has recently been installed in London’s Royal Opera House and Phuket’s FantaSea show. Robert Juliat will be exhibiting at Plasa 2012 on Stand 2-R18 in the White Light Zone.