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The University of Ghent

Super-size study. A large auditorium creates a challenging audio environment at the University of Ghent.

The University of Ghent in Belgium has experienced massive growth in student numbers in recent years, and to meet future growth expectations, there was a need to expand its facilities.
The first step in this expansion was the construction of two new auditoriums, one of which houses 600 seats, and the other 400.

The wall between these two auditoriums can be retracted into the ceiling, creating one super-auditorium with seating for 1,000 people.

Although it is important that the sound is intelligible throughout the whole area, when the large auditorium is divided into two, each section needed a separately controllable system. When the wall is retracted, the two separate sound systems should be automatically linked together.

The realisation of this was achieved using two fully digital audio matrixes, one for each section, which are linked to form one large system for the super-auditorium.

For the best sound dispersion throughout the whole auditorium, various EASE computer simulations were made. These showed that the best result can be achieved by using 2m-long GIAX designer column speakers, with two pieces installed in each section in combination with SX12 12in dual-coil bass cabinets, both from AUDAC.

CS75 ceiling speakers were chosen to support the column speakers in the front section. The amplification of the entire project is handled by Q-series 4-channel power amplifiers from AUDAC.