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The ice age is coming: i-Pix Satellite LED fixtures go on tour

Twenty-six non lensed Satellites are toning the trusses above the ice, configured as a circle in the middle with eight straight runs radiating outwards. The Satellites are positioned around the circle and at a slightly diagonal angle in the ends of the trusses, shooting light all the way along. The other 20 units are rigged onto six custom tank traps (or ‘trees’) and secreted behind the set, positioned behind the judges’ panel.

The set was a relatively late addition to the touring show, and features a series of interlocking stretched hexagonal shapes. It’s constructed from an opaque plastic material which takes the light beautifully

One of the benefits of the Satellites is their compact size, and the fact that they can be neatly tucked into small spaces. Pedersen – who has also used them on several TV productions since their launch in late 2006 – loves the smooth colour mixing and the sheer range of colours.

The set Satellites are being run in 6-channel mode, giving control over the pulse modulation. This can be tweaked to enable the units to behave like a high resolution device using less control channels. This tweak has proved a popular function for TV and live situations where channel counts are high.

Pedersen concludes: “Satellites are great – I’ve used them ever since their launch, and I will continue to do so… There’s really no other unit to beat it in terms of intensity, dynamics, tourability and fabulous effects.”