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The Concertgebouw Café sounds good with Genelec

The Concertgebouw Amsterdam is one the world's best attended concert venues. High acoustic standards also apply in the café, with speakers from Genelec.

The Concertgebouw Amsterdam is one the world’s best attended concert venues. High acoustic standards also apply in the café, with speakers from Genelec. The Concertgebouw Amsterdam is one of the world’s most renowned concert venues, acclaimed for its excellent acoustics. The impressive building has been the centre of classical music in the Netherlands for well over a century and now, with the assistance of Genelec speakers, the Concertgebouw Café also boasts great sound. With annual attendance hitting more than 800,000, the Concertgebouw is one of the world’s best attended concert venues. Having drawn artists such as Paul McCartney and The Who over the years and home to the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, it is imperative the sound quality across the venue is pristine. These standards extend across the site to its hospitality zones and a recent installation of Genelec 4030As has elevated the aural standards of the Concertgebouw Café to the levels expected by guests visiting the classical Viennese-styled venue. Dutch distributor Iemke Roos Audio was called in to evaluate the space at the café and product manager Frank de Roy specified 4030A Genelec loudspeakers. Five in total were arranged in the dining and bar area to provide perfectly balanced coverage without imposing on the setting. “In a space such as the café at Concertgebouw the requirement is not for concert levels of volume but a well-managed system that works to set the scene ambiance,” says de Roy. “The 4030A Genelecs are well suited to this sized area and the built-in minimum diffraction enclosure achieves a smooth frequency response and superb imaging qualities. We had to use a setup that would not detract from the scenery and history of the Concertgebouw and with the Genelecs we have achieved this without having to compromise on sound quality.” In addition to the dining area, the newly-renovated royal reception room also has a dedicated Genelec installation. The Harri Koskinen-designed 6010A speakers were selected for this section of the project and a pair was put in place to extend the sound to the reception which is used exclusively to welcome Dutch royalty when visiting the Concertgebouw. “The 6010As were the perfect solution for the reception,” says Frank. “They were small enough to reduce any physical impact on the décor and architecture and with the on-board amplification they were more than capable of filling the area with sound.”