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The answer is 42 for Architainment

In line with a new lighting scheme devised by Light Bureau, Architainment provided a bright, environmentally friendly lighting feature that yields striking colour-changing effects after dark. In addition, the company also produced an innovative solution for installing the fixtures discreetly into the existing atrium structure, which comprises thousands of angled glass panels.

High light output and the ability to make up long runs without recourse to multiple power supplies were among the reasons informing the selection of the iColor Cove MX Powercore units. Each 300mm stick of iColor Cove MX Powercore can be individually controlled, if necessary, by the Phillips Light System Manager (LSM) Ethernet-based controller – also supplied by Architainment – although at present the fixtures are working together to produce a series of subtle colours throughout the space. Each of the 16 20m runs of iColor Cove feeds back to 26no Data Enablers, which are in turn linked back to the back-of-house controller via two Ethernet cables.

The special fixture installation solution – designed by Architainment in conjunction with Light Bureau – takes the form of bespoke polished stainless steel trunking, incorporating non-invasive couplers for fixing in position and angling the LED strips to bypass unwanted glare.

Architainment’s Paul Hill told II: “I think that [the venue operators] are incredibly happy with the system. They liked the way it was installed with the custom housing, and the fact that it blended in with the architecture without being obtrusive_ There weren’t any problems – once installed, it was switched on and it worked.”

Other recent commitments for Architainment include an illuminated ceiling at the Westfield London retail complex and a colour-changing fa_ade at The Shires shopping centre in Leicester.

“We are very busy,” confirms Hill. “We had our busiest quarter at the end of last year and we are well on track to beat our targets for this year. There is a downturn in the market, but luckily we sell a product that people require and we are able to meet different budgets with the ranges that we have got.”