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Texan church takes to JBL VRX

“The church has a tile floor, brick walls, a wood ceiling and pews without cushions, so there were some issues from an acoustic standpoint,” commented Chris Jordan, president of Electro Acoustics. “They also had at least two previous systems in the space, and there was a definite need for a sound system renovation.”

Having installed acoustic panels to reduce the reverberation time, and fitted a baffle to counteract the noise-generating effects of a return air-vent, Electro Acoustics designed an audio system featuring three arrays in a left-centre-right configuration, hung from the ceiling above the main stage.

The line arrays are spaced approximately 12ft from each other and, in each case, incorporate three VRX928LA line array loudspeakers and one VRX915S arrayable subwoofer.

“The VRX loudspeakers are very easy to use, you can quickly hang and snap them together, so they’re easy to install,” said Jordan. “Aesthetics was important in this project, and the VRX loudspeakers look very nice. The price was also very reasonable, and the performance is just outstanding.”