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Televic launches D-Cerno, a digital entry-level conference system

Televic claims D-Cerno is the first digital conference system that is positioned in the market segment that is populated with analogue systems. Televic now covers the full range of the market, from entry-level to the top-end.

Televic Conference has introduced D-Cerno, a digital entry-level conference system for discussion applications. D-Cerno offers digital sound quality, shielded from mobile phone interference and a fail-safe operation thanks to built-in patent-pending redundancy features. It is designed to work out-of-the-box so it is extremely easy to set up and cabling errors are virtually eliminated.

New to the market is the touch button operation. As there are no moving parts, there is no wear on button switches. Touch buttons also simplify cleaning and offer unmatched hygienic benefits as there are no gaps around the button where dirt and bacteria can accumulate.

As this type of systems is often (accidently) left on for hours or days after a meeting, Televic also added an eco-mode that automatically switches the system to a stand-by-state reducing power consumption to an absolute minimum. The optional built-in recording module and web interface eliminates the need for additional recording hardware and allows the system to be connected to a LAN network for monitoring and control.

D-Cerno comes in an unobtrusive design. Both the delegate unit and central unit speak the same ‘body language’ and thus form a harmonious ensemble on the meeting table.