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Technology trends – PLASA 2011

PLASA 2011 is the place to go to see the latest pro audio, AV, lighting, stage engineering and systems integration technology for live concerts and tours, theatres, nightclubs, permanent installations and leisure attractions.

PLASA 2011 is the place to go to see the latest pro audio, AV, lighting, stage engineering and systems integration technology for live concerts and tours, theatres, nightclubs, permanent installations and leisure attractions.

PLASA 2011 (11-14 September, Earls Court, London) hosts a far-reaching seminar and workshop programme, which is free to attend, as well as an impressive list of exhibitors comprising all the key suppliers in their respective fields.

Make sure you visit the website to plan your trip, but we’ve pulled out a few highlights for you over the following pages.
ArKaos launches Kling-Net

ArKaos has chosen PLASA 2011 to launch its new network protocol Kling-Net. Kling-Net has been designed to allow the distribution of real-time video data to remote display devices, such as LEDs or LED panels, over Ethernet.

“Many basic and first time users are afraid of using LED lighting because of the complexity of networking and control issues,” says ArKaos CEO Marco Hinic. “Traditionally, using and networking LED lighting has required a high level of technical knowledge which has been a deterrent for many. We wanted to remove all this complexity and replace it with a simple to use protocol which automatically takes care of the magic numbers for the user.”

Kling-Net uses a Media Server to do all the work to make operation simplicity itself. It adds a layer of ‘intelligence’ to even the most simple LED device, enabling it to talk directly to the media server. This then enables the LED devices to be automatically configured, removing the need for complicated setting up.

The first company to licence ArKaos Kling-Net is Highlite International BV of The Netherlands. Kling-Net has been incorporated it into two new, dedicated products, known as Pixel Strip P25 and Pixel Batten P25 (pictured).

To be launched at PLASA, Pixel Strip P25 is a 1m x 3cm LED strip of 40 pixels and Pixel Batten P25, a 1m x 15cm batten of 160 pixels. The new protocol means these fixtures can be connected, via a standard RJ45 cable, directly to a laptop running MediaMaster Express.

ArKaos can be found at Stand 2-R23 in the White Light Zone.
New Gio control desk headlines ETC stand

At PLASA 2011, the big buzz around the ETC stand will be the official debut of the newest control desk in the company’s award winning Eos line: Gio.

Gio is designed to fill the mid range position in the Eos family, sitting between the Eos and Ion. It will offer the power of full Eos functionality, in a tidy footprint. Features include integrated, articulating multi touch displays, helpful backlit buttons and unique tactile response direct selects and encoders. The look of the desk itself is elegantly polished and minimalist. ETC is set to release further in depth information in early September, as part of the international product reveal.

ETC is also showing for the first time at PLASA its new ultra bright, high colour, energy efficient Selador Desire D40, D40XT and D60 lines of LED luminaires, including the unique Studio for broadcast work. These fixtures are earning high praise for their ability to blend beautifully with conventional tungsten colour and light in today’s greener hybrid lighting rigs.

Selador Desire will be joined by Selador Classic in an LED fixture shoot out on the STLD stand. Taking place twice a day, fixtures from a number of manufacturers will be compared to traditional tungsten and HID lighting. In addition, there will be case study seminars where you can learn from presentations on a variety of subjects, including a recreation of the Selador Classic LED-equipped ITV Daybreak studio.

ETC can be found at stand 1-G39, beside the bar and business lounge in the centre of Hall 1.
Renkus-Heinz shows four at PLASA 2011

Renkus-Heinz will show its latest cutting-edge products at PLASA 2011 on the POLARaudio stand (1-F2). Heading the list on the stand is the new IC2 – the high powered, medium format digitally steerable loudspeaker system. Designed for theatre and club installations and integrating digital beam steering with high power output, built in amplification and RHAON network control, it opens up a totally new product sector in pro audio, for venues looking for the ultimate in quality and control.

IC2 combines the control and flexibility of Iconyx digitally steerable technology with the power and focus of a point source loudspeaker, creating what is claimed to be the world’s first hybrid array with the full benefits of both technologies.

Each IC2 two-way 8-inch module delivers articulate musicality and powerful punch, with a versatile design that can be used as a stand-alone high-performance loudspeaker, a small ground stack or a flown array of up to 20 cabinets.

Also on show will be the new CF101-LA Modular Point Source Array which offers a breakthrough solution for small and mid-sized venues, including auditoria, night clubs, theaters and houses of worship.

The self-powered CF101-LA delivers the performance and pattern control of a line array, with the clarity of a point source system, in a compact, sleek and affordable design equally at home on the road or in a permanent installation. With the flexibility to be flown, ground-stacked or pole-mounted, up to four CF101-LA cabinets can be arrayed to provide a 90×60 degree coverage pattern, delivering up to 9 dB more output and tighter vertical pattern control than a conventional single cabinet. A non-powered version, CFX101-LA, is also available.
White Light at PLASA 2011

It is just a few short days until PLASA 2011 opens its doors – and at the heart of the show once again will be the White Light Zone, showcasing the products from some of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers, all of whom have chosen White Light as their distributor.

Since PLASA 2010, the White Light Family of manufacturers has grown once again, and the 2011 White Light Zone will include, for the first time, acclaimed special effects company CITC (creators of the Little Blizzard snow machines, the Bubble Max bubble machines, the Haze Max haze machines and many more), Core Lighting (manufacturer of a wide selection of mains and battery powered LED uplighters, many also featuring wireless control for completely cable-free setup of event lighting), EVOled (a new LED module designed to retrofit to existing tungsten theatre fixtures), Interactive Technologies (manufacturer of CueServer and other lighting control devices for architecture, stage and studio applications), Leader Light (manufacturer of a wide range of LED fixtures) and SeaChanger (manufacturer of dichroic colour changers and colour changing fixtures).

These manufacturers will mingle with the longer-established White Light Family members: ArKaos, Coemar, Galaxia, i-Pix, JB Lighting, Look Solutions, LSC, Prism Projection, Rainbow Colour Changers, Robert Juliat, the RSC Lightlock, White Light’s own VSFX range, and Wireless Solution.

Highlights of the zone are expected to include the new generation of LED-powered profile spotlights (including the Juliat Aledin, Coemar LEDko and RevEAL Profile), a new rugged, high-performance media server from ArKaos, a new LED fixture from i-Pix, and a new control console from LSC. In addition, Wireless Solution’s BlueBox RDM setup/control software is nominated for the PLASA Innovation Award.

White Light itself will be discussing the full range of products and services it offers – including lighting hire, service, training and full production lighting in addition to sales – while at the same time marking its 40th anniversary with a ‘happy hour’ on-stand between 4pm and 5pm each day – all are invited to join the celebration!

The White Light Zone can be found at the heart of Earls Court 2.