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Tannoy trains an eye on ferry passengers

Serving the Plymouth/Roscoff route, mv Armorique entered service in February. The need for high-quality, intelligible distributed sound throughout the passenger deck areas led to Audiolite specifying Tannoy’s CMS401 DCe ceiling speakers. In total, 41 of the units have been installed on the vessel.

Meanwhile, the newly launched Cotentin has been fitted with 21 CMS401 DCe speakers, which were designed for fast, simple and cost-effective installation in new and existing facilities.

“Regarding loudspeakers, we had two primary constraints,” recalled Audiolite’s Franck Fily. “The first was the size, as we could not exceed 200mm diameter due to the ferries’ ceiling structure. The second constraint was sound; the ceiling heights are quite low so we needed a product that had very controlled directivity. We are very pleased with the final result and hope to continue our relationship with Tannoy.”

Tannoy’s Mark Flanagan told II: “The fact that Audiolite chose our CMS401 DCe speakers is a timely reminder that there are customers out there who have specific and uncompromising requirements when it comes to professional audio. They give systems integrators more control, with predictable coverage results, without resorting to an excessive number of loudspeakers – which underlines the fact that Tannoy’s premium quality loudspeaker solutions are often the most cost-effective way forward with demanding projects such as on-board Brittany Ferries’ new vessels.”

The Tannoy systems on both ferries are powered by Lab.gruppen C-Series amplifiers.