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System Solutions commissioned for double stadium contract in Gabon

Two new stadia are being built in Gabon to help host the 28th CAF Orange Africa Cup of Nations in January 2012. Gearhouse South Africa company System Solutions is to provide them with LED screens.

System Solutions, part of the Gearhouse South Africa group of companies, has been commissioned by ANGT (Agence Nationale Des Grands Travaux), who represent the Gabon government, to design, supply and construct large format outdoor LED screens and a control system each for the brand-new stadium in Libreville and the existing stadium in Port Gentil.

The Amitie stadium in Libreville (pictured) – a gift from the Chinese government – is currently under construction and is due to complete in time to host the 28th CAF Orange Africa Cup of Nations in January 2012 which is being co-hosted by Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

System Solutions, in close collaboration with ANGT has designed an LED screen solution (8.192m wide by 4.606m high) with integrated control for the stadium. The company will also erect an identical screen at the Stade Pierre Claver Divpungui stadium in Port Gentil, situated 700 kms away. Both installations are to be completed by mid-December.

Due to the time lines, two separate System Solutions technical teams will be stationed in Libreville and Port Gentil. “We are treating the two installations completely independently,” said Roger Feldmann, GM of System Solutions, “The transport infrastructure in Gabon can be unpredictable and with little more than six weeks onsite, we need to eradicate any possibility for error.”

Part of the company’s plans involve sub-contracting local companies which will not only assist with logistics but will ensure that local businesses derive benefit from the contract as well. A Libreville based manufacturer will fabricate and install the steel structure as well as the composite aluminium cladding, complementing the progressive stadium design.

“We are very impressed with their manufacturing facility,” comments Feldmann ” and it has meant a great saving on freight costs for our client as well as a substantial time saving for us. We will also be contracting other local suppliers for excavation work, HVAC and power requirements as well as other extras.”

The LED display screens themselves will be made up of Unilumin P16 panels using Cree LED chips. The control system consists of an FSR Compass CP 200 presentation switch with preview and program outputs. This unit will manage all video playback equipment as well as multiple live broadcast camera feeds provided by the outside broadcast unit.

Downstream of this there is an Indie-400 HD unit also from FSR which will handle the LED screen image scaling. In addition to these, a bespoke scoreboard and master control system using AV Stumpfl’s award winning ISEO 2 Platform will be implemented at the Amitie stadium.