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Steljes launches Elmo student response system

The introduction seems timely, as the UK market for student response systems in the UK is forecast to grow by 25% in the coming year to almost £5 million.

UK distributor Steljes has announced availability of the new Elmo CRV student response system (SRS) specifically for the primary/secondary education market.

Student response systems enable educationalists to pose questions to their students and the students answer using the handsets provided. Futuresource Consulting, a leading market research company, predicts that the UK student response market will increase by 25% from £3.7m in 2012 to £4.6m in 2013.

Available in 24 or 32 handset sizes, the Elmo CRV range comes complete with a wireless adapter, Image Mate Accent for SRS software and a carrying bag. One of its key benefits is said to be its ease of use. Unlike other systems on the market, according to Steljes, the entire system is managed via a wireless adaptor that inserts into any computer for ‘plug & play’ use.

“The Elmo CRV comes as part of a bundle with the award winning Elmo CRA-1 wireless tablet, enabling Elmo to offer schools a complete interactive classroom environment,” said Shinji Asano, president of Elmo Europe SAS. “There are many student response systems in the marketplace but none that offer what the CRV system can do. Elmo based its product on research and feedback from educationalists so that it would meet the specific needs of the education market.”

Using the Elmo CRV, student responses can be instantly tabulated and displayed in bar graphs or pie charts, allowing teachers to assess the performance of an entire class. SRS can be used anytime with all types of materials from real objects/ documents to digital contents like PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and it is said to require no advanced preparation in order to complete an SRS questionnaire.

Every Elmo CRV student response system will be sold with the Elmo tablet CRA-1. The wireless capability of the Elmo tablet enables teachers to move freely around the classroom, giving them greater flexibility in delivering their lessons and making it possible to interact with the entire class and/or with individual students.

“Elmo is a recognised leader in educational solutions so when the company decided to invest in developing its first student response system, I knew that they would deliver a product that would surpass market expectations,” said Martine Dodwell-Bennett, sales and marketing director at Steljes. “Selling the student response system as part of a bundle with the Elmo CRA-1 wireless tablet offers exceptional value to the end user. The latest industry statistics from Futuresource Consulting indicate that the UK voting systems market is starting to show signs of recovery and this new range will enable our resellers to capitalise on this market opportunity.”