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State of Grace: Constellation arrives at Indiana HoW

The acoustic and production design of the ambitious new space was the result of a collaboration between architect Kevin Callahan of Callahan Studios, Vance Breshears and Jeff Miller of Sound Technology Consultants, and the church’s Dave Rodriguez and Daryl Cripe. The contractor was Oklahoma City-based Spectrum Group.

At Grace Community Church, the Constellation system comprises a primary communications processor and four VRAS processors. Room reverberation zones are allocated for the left, centre, and right sections of the room, and the fourth VRAS processor generates early reflections from the stage to the house.

The system employs a total of 30 microphones and 89 loudspeakers positioned on walls and overhead. Loudspeaker models used include 57 MM-4XP miniature loudspeakers, 16 compact UPM-1P loudspeakers, and six UMS-1P subwoofers.

Meanwhile, the digitally cross-matrixed LCR system features four CQ-1 and nine CQ-2 loudspeakers as the main cabinets, with 14 UPJ-1P VariO loudspeakers for the delay ring and six M1D-Sub subwoofers for low-frequency support.

Steve Ellison, applications director of the LCS Series at Meyer Sound, told II: “Constellation at Grace Community Church is extremely flexible. It includes both a full room reverberation system as well as integrated early reflection enhancement from the stage. From the front of house mix position they have independent control over system gain, reverberation time, and whether or not the early reflection system is activated.

“For acoustic music, ER adds a very tangible feeling of presence and intimacy from the musicians to the congregation. When sound reinforcement is used, the ER is turned off since the direct signal is coming from the sound reinforcement system. In all cases, the reverberation system helps enhance congregational singing and reminds everyone acoustically that they are in the same space. The reverberation level and length are selected according to the style of music. During speech, the sound reinforcement system does the work and Constellation is turned off.”