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SSE Audio Group’s Crestron debut install

SSE Audio Group recently made its first use of Crestron technology, in a pair of installations in London hospitality venues.

In a first for SSE Audio Group, the company has used Crestron AV control systems for an install at Minister Exchange – a conference centre located at a Balls Brothers venue in London.

The system enabled a variety of devices in the basement venue – projectors, laptops, mics, iPod docks, three conference audio systems and a DJ audio system – to be connected. They can all be operated through a wirelesss propriety touchscreen.

Mark Hatfield, SSE installation project manager, said: “The touchscreen can be used from any of the three conference rooms and it also allows the user to link the systems in rooms together for larger meetings and conferences.”

Emma Bigg, SSE project director, commented: “The touchscreen control is for the venue staff; however, clients using the space also need to access some basic functions so we have installed Crestron Cameo Keypads to allow them to be able to control the volume and the projector. The system is complex but the Crestron system makes running a venue like this much simpler for non-technical staff.”

This is one of two recent projects that SSE carried out for Novus Leisure, a private operator of bars and clubs in London – the other being Kanaloa at Tiger Tiger in Croydon.