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SSE Audio creates bespoke demo suite for UK company

Bradford, UK-based medical equipment developer and manufacturer Ferno has enhanced its HQ with a new product demonstration unit thanks to help from SSE Audio.

Ferno manufacture and sell patient handling systems for Emergency Services, Health Services and Mortuary Services throughout the world. A new sales initiative saw the company invest in the new unit to ensure its ‘dramatic’ product videos got the attention they deserved.

All the video content is held on three Brightsign XD1030 Networked Interactive players, with three Ben Q SHort Throw 3000 Ansi projectors feeding the main display wall. SSE installed a Kramer 6×6 HDMI switch to enable the video sources and the various screens to be matrixed as required.

SSE specified a Bose 5.1 Surround sound system, driven by a Bose ESP-88 Audio processor and ESP-88 Surround Sound decoder. This allows the audio to interact with the video content. Speakers where wall mounted Bose DS40’s with two Bose Subs in the ceiling.

Overall system control is via a Crestron DIN Rail 2 Series Automation Processor with remote user control via iPad. SSE’s Paul Todd designed custom GUI apps for the iPad to control the Crestron, enabling all the AV to be cued from a single application.

The Crestron triggers audio, lighting and video in sequence along with triggering automation of the video screens and the lectern which rises out of the floor. SSE worked with Crestron to program the unit, ensuring all the functions worked as the customer required.

By keeping much of the programming and development in house SSE were able to significantly reduce the costs of the project whilst still keeping to the original specifications that Ferno provided.

“Overall, Ferno has been delighted with the results. SSE was able to realise the clients ambitions whilst keeping costs to minimum,” commented SSE’s Ryan Thomas. “My favourite aspect is the raisable lectern and the way we were able to interface it to the Creston controller. Using the latest industry standard equipment, with a little imagination and the Group’s design and technical expertise we have delivered an excellent solution for Ferno.”