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Spanish law firm integrates Arthur Holm

Spanish law firm Cuatrecasas has had meeting room technology installed into its new premises on Almagro street, Madrid, Spain, in the shape of Arthur Holm's Dynamic range of recessed table top monitors.

Respected Spanish law firm Cuatrecasas, based in Madrid, has had its new meeting room furnished with Arthur Holm pop up monitors.

Barcelona-based Arthur Holm has assisted in the boardroom aspect of the project from outset; providing its integrated screens for the meeting room table’s architectural design.

Each black-finish monitor cover plate has been customised with the logotype of the law firm. They display presentations when in use, facilitating decision-making. When not in use, the screens retract inside of the meeting room desk, leaving the boardroom desk clear.

According to Cuatrecases’s general manager, Rafael Fontana: “to move to new facilities in Almagro street means the accomplishment of a very significant project that will allow us to be in a place with the latest technology that will allow us to do our job at the maximum level and to be all together again. It means the beginning of a new time; we will have an intelligent an ecological building, with all the technology that will allow us to work better as a team and to provide a better service to our customers”.