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South Yorkshire Group banks on AVM, Christie

Audio Visual Machines (AVM) has carried out an upgrade for South Yorkshire Group, refitting its Data Operations Centre with a new Christie video wall.

Audio Visual Machines (AVM) has carried out an upgrade for a key client in the banking sector, refitting its Data Operations Centre in the north of England with a new Christie video wall.

The South Yorkshire Group Data Centre in Barnsley is the command centre for all the bank’s EMEA region activities where operations are close monitored.

“Our technical team had originally approached several different companies to see what they could deliver and found Christie was the best of what we wanted, within the budget,” said David Whitehouse, the Bank’s data centre operations team leader.

The AVM proposal was based around ten rear-projection Entero CSP50XP 50” SXGA+ 1-chip DLP LED illuminated cubes — delivered with CrossPrism high viewing angle screens and optimised by a Christie TVC-1210 Digital Display Wall Controller.

With solid state LED technology replacing traditional mercury arc lamp based systems, the rear projection engine is said to be virtually maintenance free for long term performance and 24/7 reliability while the new TVC-1210 controller features Intel Xeon single quad-core processing technology.

The server-based system features high performance multi-video capability (with up to 16 real-time videos per display) and the flexibility to accept multiple external video, RGB and client desktops for display anywhere and any size. 

The bank runs its own bespoke software from servers in the Data Centre. This enables it to carry out surveillance on around 1,100 systems — mostly in Europe — with a further 300 shortly being fed into the system from London. “This will give us 1,400 systems to manage by next year, with operations running on many platforms, including IBM mainframes, AS/400s and so on,” said Whitehouse.