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Soundcraft unveils Si Performer audio console with DMX lighting control

Harman Pro's Soundcraft has unveiled its latest digital console, the Si Performer, which features DMX lighting control functionality. The company spoke to Installation about the new hybrid console.

Soundcraft has launched its latest range of digital audio consoles, the Si Performer, which has integrated DMX lighting control functionality.

The Si Performer is a significant step up from the Si Compact range, which it resembles. It offers 24 or 32 mic inputs (on the Si Performer 2 and 3 models respectively), eight line inputs and four FX return channels; using optional expansion cards from the ViSi Connect range or Soundcraft stageboxes, the number of channels to mix can be increased to 80 on all models.

The console also offers around twice the DSP power of the Si Compact, as well as fully parametric 4-band EQ as standard on all channels. What’s more, there are eight VCA groups and eight mute groups for added flexibility of operation. Fourteen mixes may be configured to a total of 20 mix busses. These busses are supplemented by four stereo matrix mixes, four dedicated FX busses, and three master Mix busses which offer true LCR mode mixing.

Lighting control comes by means of the integration of a DMX512 port – giving access to a single DMX universe. The console features four scene masters, with associated slave channels on the ALT fader layers. Individual colour intensities or parameters are set on the slave faders; an overall master level fader, which itself may be assigned to any of the main fader layers, gives simultaneous access to audio and lighting levels.

DMX settings may be stored alongside audio settings in the snapshot system; either audio settings, lighting settings or both can be recalled automatically by a single button press or via an external MIDI command.

Soundcraft is keen to point out that it is not trying to take on the major lighting console manufacturers with this product. As Andy Trott, president of Soundcraft Studer, told Installation at the launch event: “We are not pretending this is a lighting console, first and foremost. It looks like an audio console, and if no one plugs a DMX input into the console, it’s still a damn good audio console.”

The Si Performer is designed for small installations with relatively straightforward requirements, and where a single person operates both sound and lighting – such as small theatres, houses of worship and corporate events. It also has potential in the rental market, where there are clear cost advantages for both hirer and renter in having a single product that does the job of two.

Along with the Soundcraft Vi Series, Vi1 and Si Compact consoles, the Si Performer can be controlled from the Soundcraft ViSi Remote iPad app.