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Soundcraft_s digital

The Vi6 console has been developed with Soundcraft’s sister console company Studer. It has been designed using Studer’s Vista and On-Air 3000 series of consoles to allow the engineer to operate the desk intuitively.

The Soundcraft Vi6 console has an input-to-mix capacity of 64 channels, mapped out on two layers under the control of 32 motorised faders. These can be assigned to 32 outputs (plus a stereo and mono mix), which can be any combination of group and aux buses. The selection of channel function can be done by touching the required element on-screen, then adjusting the controls and switches to make changes.

The input channel has four-band fully parametric EQ, gain and routing facilities, aux send level controls, and integral dynamics on the Vistonics II screen.

Soundcraft recently completed a $7-million factory. The new factory houses the most advanced surface-mount PCB line currently installed in Europe, with several stages of board testing including inline X-ray inspection.