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Sound Projects system for ‘ski-jump’ church

The Dreamline equipment was selected to satisfy a variety of commitments – running the gamut from conventional Sunday services to rock concerts – and to meet the requirements for an aesthetically complementary system.

The Dreamline equipment was selected after an extensive research and demonstration process.

“The system that suited our budget and demands was Dreamline,” commented Mangar Gardum, technical manager at The Gand Church. “It gives the church an even coverage from front to back, and we can use the system for all the kinds of events that we have in the church. Even a technician [for] one of the competitors in the demo was stunned when doing a job here in the church.”

Provided in a colour scheme matching the interior of the church, the new Sound Projects specification comprises two Dreamline loudspeakers, two SP4-15 bass cabinets and six x-act monitors, the latter of which was supplied for use with the choir and vocalists.