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SMS Smart Media Solutions technology in virtual autopsy table

When engineers at SMS Smart Media Solutions first saw Sectra's Visualisation Table, they weren't put off by its somewhat macabre application - and they knew that they could provide an important part of the solution by adapting existing products.

The Visualisation Table from Sectra is the world’s first virtual autopsy table – and Swedish company SMS Smart Media Solutions – which manufactures high quality flatscreen and projector brackets, as well as other types of media enhancers – is helping to enhance the Sectra solution. Sectra’s Visualisation Table allows doctors or police officers to ‘enter’ a human body without making a single incision, passing through skin and muscle to the organs and skeleton. A simple touch or two rotates, tilts and zooms in on interesting features – the patient or corpse having been previously scanned via computer tomography. When engineers at SMS first saw the Visualisation Table, they realised that the company’s range of brackets for touch-sensitive screens could be adapted for use with the table to make it easier for several people to collaborate around the image. According to the company, this relationship with a company as large and well-known as Sectra is evidence of its new business model, and a much more aggressive investment by SMS in the interactive market. “Our business model is largely based on developing modules that can be adapted to several applications,” said Richard Svahn, product and project manager at SMS. “Our contribution to the Sectra Visualisation Table is the frame and support for the product. It is fundamentally an adaptation of the SMS VeriTable, a product that can be transformed from an interactive board to an interactive desk at the press of a button.” A video of Sectra’s Visualisation Table can be found at