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Sixth Ovation for Amsterdam Music Theatre

Last year Paddy Baker paid a visit to the Netherlands’ only opera house to explore its technology offering. Since then the Amsterdam Music Theatre has been equipped with another Ovation Media Server and Sequencer.

The Amsterdam Music Theatre, which is home to prestigious performances from the Dutch National Ballet and The Netherlands Opera, has added a further Ovation Media Server and Sequencer, bringing the total in operation at the venue to six.

Dutch distributor for Merging Technologies, Maarten’s Sound & Vision, supplied the new system for the venue. Among those performing at threate, which uses ‘unusual technology’ to ensure the show goes on, are world renowned artists and companies, with frequent visits from production companies based in the Netherlands and abroad.

“Ovation is the perfect playout software, which gives us the opportunity of building complex performances in a fast and efficient way. When there’s an injured dancer or when we travel across the country, we often have to quickly adapt some settings to the venue we’re visiting, shorten a piece of music or suddenly have to start it on cue.

Ovation works perfectly in combination with the Pyramix software to edit as fast as we need to and provide cues into Ovation without rendering. It’s easy to operate, sounds good and has proven its reliability,” commented Michiel Jansen, AVC, the Amsterdam Music Theatre