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Silver screen display: Lighthouse brings modern touch to Polish anniversary celebrations

Staged by the national television broadcaster TVP and held at the city of Wroclaw’s Congresses, Fairs, Music and Sports Performance Centre Centennial Hall, Requiem Pro Pace was a major multimedia production.

Provided by Poland’s biggest screen supplier, Trias, the cross took eight people 16 hours to build. It was formed from 36 Lighthouse R12-ER panels. The main column of the cross, measuring 3.6m x 10m, was three panels wide by ten panels high, with each of the arms, measuring 2.4m x 3m, two panels wide by three panels high.

The screen featured a mix of still and moving imagery, compiled from contemporary material which showed the realities of martial law – the militia, tanks, army and demonstrating crowds. The content was processed via a Lighthouse LIP-KX processor and an Extron USP405 DI/O scaling converter.

An orchestra and choir were located either side of the cross, with singers, actors and poets performing in front of it on an illuminated stage floor which mirrored the screen’s shape.

Nearly 1.5 million television viewers watched the concert, which received good reviews in Poland particularly for the use of visual technology. Many commented positively on the non-traditional approach to the stage design using advanced LED screen technology to celebrate past events.

“The event naturally had a highly emotional ambience, which the Lighthouse R12-ER screen complemented perfectly,” says Trias’s marketing specialist Katarzyna Wozniak. “It delivered excellent picture quality with great contrast levels and colour uniformity.”

“Poland is an emerging and important market for Lighthouse Technologies,” adds Michiel Hettinga, Lighthouse sales director for Western and Central Europe. “It is encouraging to see an important company such as Trias making such creative use of our screens.”