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Showcase: 9 furniture and mounting solutions you need to know about

The latest furniture and mounting solutions – not just for flat panel displays – cut installation times with a mix of adjustment tools and design considerations. Here is a selection of some of the most notable recent offerings, writes Duncan Proctor.

Unicol’s custom-built pods

Unicol’s Pods on Wheels (POW) are a range of nesting trolleys that can be tailored to the customer’s specific connectivity requirements. The client supplies information on their preferred AV peripherals, PCs and controllers and Unicol custom builds the unit to those requirements.

The units can be nested together when not in use, with five units taking up less than 2m depth. They can also be deployed for individual use or daisy-chained together, and accommodate a variety of display sizes up to 70in. There is secure storage for PCs and additional space at the front of the unit to store cables.

Within the education sector, the pods facilitate group working and can provide either a temporary or portable learning platform without the installation of a full AV system.


Tempest provides remote monitoring
The Typhoon enclosure from Tempest is aimed at outdoor video mapping installations as well as rental and staging applications. It can be used in landscape or portrait orientation, and includes tabletop and ceiling projector mounts, and a wide range of rigging and installation options as standard.

The hydrophobic HEPA filters provide the projectors with protection from salt and oil fog in harsh environments, extending their lifespan. The Typhoon enclosure also comes with Tempest’s Goldilocks operating system, which is designed to prevent projectors from overheating and condensation damage.

Remote monitoring is available over a RS485 link with an RDM interface and PC application, providing integrators with offsite observation tools. Tempest also offers a thermal insulation kit to moderate internal temperatures in hot and cold environments.


Peerless ensures alignment accuracy with reusable spacers

The DS-VW755S videowall mount from Peerless-AV has a slim design, 48mm from the wall, to make it suited to discreet LED display installations. The quick-release mechanism enables access to displays anywhere in the array, particularly for recessed applications. This installer-friendly mechanism helps with ongoing maintenance as well as installation.

To ensure displays in a videowall are correctly aligned there is tool-less micro adjustment at eight points and reusable custom spacers that facilitate accurate mount placement for specific display models. In addition, videowalls can be mounted in either portrait and landscape format.

The included installation app automatically calculates mount positioning and the mount extends into a negative tilt position to provide greater access, further aiding installation.


Chief uses tool-free system to reduce install times

The Chief SYSAU suspended ceiling projector system comes in pre-assembled sections with a tool-free mount to cut installation time by a third. The new system includes a suspended adjustable ceiling plate, which allows placement above or below the ceiling tile and accommodates inconsistent T-grids.

It also includes a column system, mount and universal interface for easier lock/unlock at the projector connection. The quick disconnect from interface to projector and interface to mount also provides easy access while maintaining registration. Centris technology enables fingertip positioning with tool-free lockdown.

The adjustment capabilities reduce the need for digital adjustments to the projector, which can affect image quality.

Chief Manufacturing

edbak brings display precision with open frame design

The VWPOP65-L universal videowall mount from edbak has been specifically designed for fast servicing of recessed or enclosed videowall installations – with the fast release pop-out mechanism allowing full extension of a display out of the videowall. This mechanism can also be adjusted for varying display weights to ensure safe and controlled extension.

Tool-less independent eight-point micro-adjustment is included for display alignment, and precision dedicated spacers mean on-site calculations and measurements are no longer required.

The mount’s open frame design allows full electrical wiring access and integrated cable management strips simplify cabling between displays.


ILS balances full integration and modularity

The Synergy IM forms part of the new Synergy series of lecterns from ILS, which is a range of flexible mounting systems that can be tailored to different venues and uses such as lecture theatres and event presentations.

The Synergy IM has been designed to be a fully integrated system that is also modular and has space for different options and solutions, including an audio upgrade with VoicePoint speakers for rooms of up 100 people. Synergy lecterns also come with a connectivity panel as standard for laptops using VGA/HDMI/USB connectors.

Synergy IM uses ILS multitouch glass technology, which is a sheet of 6mm safety glass that offers 10-point multitouch capability and integrated 22in full HD screen. There is also a 10in control panel, and a multifunctional keyboard that can be customised using software that can display different key layouts.

The IM comes standard with a 10in control panel, which integrates to the main screen using Windows 10.

Intelligent Lectern Systems

Community delivers assembly options

BalancePoint Flyware allows loudspeaker system designers to create planar or isometric arrays using Community’s I Series arrayable loudspeakers and add rear, top or steered subwoofers. This allows complex systems to be implemented for applications including houses of worship, multi-purpose auditoriums and theatres.

Individual loudspeakers can be precisely aimed during system commissioning, therefore arrays can be quickly assembled on- or off-site. BalancePoint Flyware comes in black and white and complements the I Series loudspeakers’ discreet design.

The mounts can be assembled on the ground or in the air and make installation of the I Series loudspeakers easier as they have been purpose built for that range, as opposed to other solutions targeting more general use.

Community Professional

Dual VC display mounting from Vogel’s

Vogel’s PVF 4112 videoconferencing mounting solution is a standalone unit for single displays between 55in and 90in and dual displays up to 65in. The furniture has been combined with Connect-it interface bars and interface display strips. To create a complete videoconferencing solution, users can add a camera and loudspeakers to the PVF’s holders.

The PVF 4112 has a slim design suited for use in small rooms, and the cabinet can be locked to prevent unauthorised access. The furniture includes two 19in rack spaces and two height-adjustable trays. There is also a compartment in the centre of the cabinet for a power socket, and height-adjustable feet to level the enclosure.


B-Tech System X offers great versatility

B-Tech’s System X range consists of premium mounting solutions for videowalls, digital signage and menu boards and is also aimed at the broadcast and video conferencing markets.

The mounting system is lightweight yet strong and has a high-end aesthetic quality. Designed for multi-screen installations, the range is universally compatible with all videowall screens and is available in an almost endless variety of configurations. The range is also compatible with the System 2 collar and pole system, and creates what is said to be one of the most versatile and comprehensive ranges available on the market today.

The System X range consists of the BT8330 universal menu board mounting system – for single-row ceiling- or wall-mounted installations; the BT8340 universal videowall mounting system for multiple-row ceiling- or wall-mounted installations; the BT8370 universal videowall stand and the BT8371 mobile videowall stand (pictured).