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Shedding light on garden architecture: Anolis illuminates major show attraction

Vecronia are specialists in garden architecture, and their philosophy is that a garden is an extension of the house – effectively another room – and should contain a fusion of natural elements and high technology.

The company has worked with MK Light Sound (Anolis’s Slovenian distributor) on several previous lighting projects. When MK recently showed them the Anolis range, the Vecronia design team immediately realised its creative and aesthetic potential in the modern garden.

The team was particularly impressed by the easy and straightforward installation of Anolis, the wide product range, and the excellent light output, as well as all the cost and energy saving properties of using LED. They decided to utilise Anolis on their booth at the upcoming Flora Fair, and also to start specifying the brand for future design projects.

For the exhibition, MK Light Sound supplied ArcSource 12 RGBs outdoor, ArcLine Optic 36 RGB and ArcSource 6 RGB fixtures to Vecronia, all of which were run via Anolis’s highly flexible ArcPower 144 controller. They created a minimalistic lighting effect with the LED installation – noticable but not overpowering – which attracted considerable interest.