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SGM illuminates the Arch of Neutrality

Supplied by Technopro, the fixtures were reportedly chosen for their exceptional brightness and protection to IP65, enabling them to cope with the region’s extreme climactic conditions. The Palco 3s were installed at precise locations to emphasise the layout and architectural elements of the complex with contrasting effects. The lighting equipment was controlled by an SGM Regia 2048 Pro console.

Designed to suit a wide range of professional applications, the REGIA 2048 Pro lighting desk offers 2048 DMX channels, four independent DMX lines, an on-board CD burner, built-in hard disk, and two SGVA outputs for outboard monitors.

SGM’s most recent product launches include the Giotto Digital 1500, billed as “the sector’s only moving head fixture that projects digital graphic effects with astonishing brightness and speed”.