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SECC improves image, reduces costs with ONELAN

The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre has turned to ONELAN to improve signage throughout its halls.

The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) has multiple exhibition halls that are rented out to a wide range of clients – meaning that content to advertise the various events has to be changed daily or weekly for multiple halls. SECC wanted to install signage that was more sophisticated than the traditional print for light boxes it has previously used, and at the same time cut the £35,000 annual cost of creating new signage.

SECC already had ONELAN digital signage installed in the concourse, running eight displays around the building, and onsite expertise in content creation for the ONLELAN system was in place. As such, the decision to use ONELAN’s solution to replace the existing backlit signs was straightforward.

Twelve ONELAN 500 subscriber Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) and one ONELAN NTB 5000 publisher unit are now installed. In each exhibition hall, a ONELAN NTB 500 operates as a subscriber unit running 65” plasma screens above each main door, and two smaller 50” portrait screens above the smaller side doors: all can show PowerPoint and play videos. 

The signage for each event is now more detailed, more eye catching and reflects better on the facility – and information is updated much more rapidly than was previously the case.

According to ONELAN, SECC are very happy with ease of use of their digital signage and the fact that it is so easily monitored and cost effective; it is believed that, within two years, the new signage will have paid for itself.