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School of stock: Impact on the trading floor

Coming online at a time when the skills – or lack thereof – of financial traders are under scrutiny like never before, the ICMA centre is designed to suit graduate trainees, trainee-traders and investment banking personnel.

With an integrated Cat5-based solution underpinning the project, Impact proceeded with an installation that includes Sanyo projectors, Sony video cameras, a Daktronics ticker tape and 40 computer workstations in the dealing room (pictured); a Crestron control panel, a Wolfvision visualiser, a tablet PC and projector/screen equipment in the executive training room; and Evid speakers and a Crestron touch-screen control panel in the auditorium.

Chris Dossi, Impact’s project manager for the ICMA installation, told II: “The systems in each room are based around Smart Sympodium ID 370 and Crestron control. This combination results in a flexible working tool for lecturers and presenters.

“The Sympodium is a touchscreen PC which is connected to the projectors, allowing lecturers to share their screen with students on the big screen. All rooms also have the capability of interconnecting with each other.”