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Saville shows its mettle at launch

Irn-Bru has as much claim to be at the centre of Scottish culture as haggis and the bagpipes. The launch of a new variant for Hallowe'en saw Saville lending a hand.

UK integrator Saville Audio Visual provided the staging and facilities for the launch of Fiery Irn-Bru, a limited edition soft drink from Scottish drinks group, AG Barr. Irn-Bru is an iconic brand in Scotland, and is advertised as being made from metal girders. The new brand was launched to the public in Glasgow’s George Square by former AG Barr chairman Robin Barr, who donned protective gloves to pull the first-ever bottle out of a furnace to present to the gathered crowd.

The Saville team provided full project support for the outdoor event, from the design process through to production and delivery. The facilities included staging, truss and a PA rig for the 300-plus audience, plus smoke machines and external and internal lighting to create the realistic furnace effects.

The spicy version of the more familiar fizzy drink will be on sale alongside ‘trick or treat’ packs to coincide with Halloween.

“Designing the furnace and sourcing moulded brick wall panelling was a bit out of the ordinary, but the event came together well,” said Saville business manager for Scotland, Chris Lawson. “We had the usual logistics and health and safety issues to deal with, but it was pleasing to play a part in a successful launch.”