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Saville Creative creates CGI graphics for Tower Bridge Exhibition

Spanning the river, the two high-level walkways provide a platform from which to view many of London’s most celebrated sights, including St Paul’s Cathedral, Canary Wharf, the Tower of London, Greenwich and the London Eye. Saville Creative was enlisted to design and produce a robust interactive system to assist all visitors to locate and identify these landmarks as they look out of the windows from either the west or east walkway. To achieve this, the Saville Creative team – led by senior 3D graphics designer Simon Tilby and senior programmer Suzanne Leusby – developed an interactive 3D virtual tour guide that utilises a number of touchscreen information kiosks on each walkway.

“The kiosks are all controlled via a master PC which holds all the languages and operating files,” explained Tilby. “In addition, the individual kiosks also carry ‘fail safe’ back-up files that cut in instantly in the unlikely event of any control PC failure.”

The software used for the installation incorporates EDICT programming (Electronic Data Information Capture and Transfer), a system developed by Saville Creative that tracks and logs detailed usage statistics of each touchscreen unit. This enables the client to identify important marketing information, including which areas or sights are of the most interest to visitors, and a breakdown of visitors by nationality.