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Savant Systems Europe launched today

RGB has launched the new division after being awarded European distribution for Savant.

Savant Systems Europe was launched today in west London, headed up by Caroline Britt (managing director), Andy Atwell (European sales director) and Neil Howes (UK sales director).

JC Murphy, executive vice president US, was on hand to explain the development of this arm of the company. “The global market for automation and control, commercially and residentially is expanding exponentially and we are only in the infancy stage,” he said. “I see it as the foundation of what is going to be a really incredible market. We’re really excited about the opportunity for Savant in the UK and across continental Europe.”

“Our go-to market strategy is to partner globally and partner locally with integrators across the UK and throughout Europe. We know the importance of delivering quality product and in terms of innovation we have just brought on a team of six specifically for that.”