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SAP chooses projectiondesign projectors

Demonstration rooms throughout SAP's new headquarters at Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands have been equipped with F22 projectors.

Enterprise IT systems software giant SAP has recently upgraded the audio-visual communications technology at its new Netherlands offices. The upgrade includes F22 projectors from Norway’s projectiondesign that are installed throughout several demonstration rooms and offices located in Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, near to the Belgium border.

“As we spend more time with our customers and users, we notice that while competitiveness of products used to be all about features and functions, it is now focused very much on consumability, consistency and usability,” said Jim Hagemann Snabe, SAP Co-CEO.

“This very same rule applies to the choice of display technology we have decided to install at our new offices,” said Bert Baggermans, IT Unit Manager Benelux at SAP Nederland BV. “Our requirement for projection was to have high-resolution displays that could be used with a variety of sources, easy to operate for various skill levels, efficient to run and that performed reliably and consistently. An added benefit is that the projectors are well designed and beautiful to look at.”

“Our new offices are used for in-depth demonstrations for SAP staff and customers, a vital aspect to SAP’s continued programme of excellence.”

“The F22 is a compact single-chip DLP projector platform that combines unmatched warranties, performance, reliability and extends useful product life, and importantly for many projectiondesign customers such as SAP, greatly enhances image quality,” said Gerben Van den Berg, Regional Director, SE, CEE and SEE at projectiondesign.