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Royal Liver Building 360 experience enters new dimension

Picture: Jason Roberts Photography

The Royal Liver Building, an icon of the Liverpool waterfront, has undergone a physical and virtual transformation to immerse visitors in the city’s vibrant history. This now includes an interactive augmented reality app allowing guests to delve deeper into the architectural designs of the building and identify the stunning views from the 15th floor.

The Royal Liver Building 360 experience opened in April this year. For the first time in the building’s 111-year history the spectacular Viewing Platform and the Clock Tower, where twin faces adorn the walls, both larger in size than Big Ben, are available to the public, along with a free Visitor Centre on the Lower Ground Floor. 

The Clock Tower has been brought to life with an immersive projection mapped show, delivered as a turnkey production by Holovis including media produced in-house by Holovis Creative. This tells the story of Liverpool; from the industrial boom of the late 1800s to the tragic effects of war and a celebration of the city’s vibrant culture, all viewed from the iconic building and waterfront perspective.

Unlike traditional projection mapped experiences that take place externally, Holovis decided to use the internal walls of the Clock Tower, surrounding guests with 270° visuals to really immerse them into the story. The multisensory immersion is completed with surround audio, comprising of an original score and sound effects that are delivered through a 5:1 solution.

The latest addition to the experience is the newly launched free app, also designed and created by Holovis. This further extends and enhances the guest experience through 20 interactive moments that flow throughout the whole experience, starting in the Visitor Centre to transform photos into videos, unlock voice over narratives and more imagery from key moments in time.

The app acts as a guide as to what guests are seeing. On the rooftop, guests can hold their phone over the City-scape and reveal information and facts about the landmarks, in relation to their view. 

The two mythical Liver Bird sculptures can also be brought to life as guests enjoy AR moments with them, then share their images or videos directly to social media.

Picture: Jason Roberts

Peter Cliff, creative director at Holovis explained: “The discoveries that guests make in the Visitor Centre allow them to customise their visit, by unlocking more secrets that are akin to their interests. As they progress on the 360 experience, the moments from the app perfectly compliment the narrative of their guide, which is as entertaining as it is educational. 

“We have added a layer of adventure and gamification to the experience, which encourages visitors to further engage. It has also given the attraction an exciting digital platform, without the need for expensive and sometimes impractical screens, especially when working in a Grade I-listed building. 

“The app is a great addition to the experience that is helping guests get more immersed into the history of the building and the wider story of the glorious city of Liverpool.”

Chris Devaney, operations manager for RLB360, said: “We’re really pleased with all the positive feedback the RLB360 tower tour has been receiving from our visitors and we’re proud to already be ranked in the top 10 things to do in Liverpool on TripAdvisor.

“People using the app also have an opportunity to further explore not only architect W.A Thomas’s connection to the city with Google Maps linked guide to his other buildings, but also to go out and find Bella & Bertie’s extended Liver Bird family.

“It’s been a fantastic opening three months and the launch of the app is just one of the exciting announcements we’ve got coming up this summer.”