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Rotterdam theatre installed with Alcons loudspeakers

In-house technicians as well as several noted Dutch sound designer and engineers contributed their opinions to the demo day. Ultimately, the venue pressed ahead with a main system comprising three Alcons clusters of 12 line array units each, with additional clusters to address the first rows on the ground floor.

In total, the complete five-cluster system features 32 LR16s and 12 LR14s. Two additional VR12s have been provided for coverage of the rows immediately in front of the main stage, while four small SR9 infills have been provided underneath the balconies on the left- and right-hand side. The speaker specification is completed by four BF362i subwoofers.

Alcons Audio managing director Tom Back told II that the LR14 and LR16 are “ideal for theatre as it has a natural, uncoloured and non-compressed sound reproduction, where ‘input = output’. This is perfect for the wide variety of source material a theatre play offers, [such as] loud music/effects and whispering vocals. It’s a clear sign that Alcons is attracting the theatre market with a substantial number of theatres around the globe [having] recently installed a pro-ribbon system.”

Amplification comes from a total of 19 Alcons ALC-amplifiers, driven by two Dolby Lake processors, where all data port outputs of the amps are integrated within a network using QSControl Amplifier Network Monitor.

The installation was carried out by Peter Kaandorp of Dutch installation company Sinus Pro BV, who is pictured here with members of the new Luxor team.