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Rome’s Auditorium upgrades to Studer Vista 9

To handle all elements of mixing for recording, music production, live events and broadcast television, the venue, located in Italy's capital, was equipped with a Studer Vista digital console from Harman.

The Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome, Italy, now features a Harman Studer Vista 9 digital console as part of an upgrade to its two control rooms.

Designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano and inaugurated December 2002, the facility boasts three multipurpose concert halls in a 3,000-seat open-air amphitheatre, which regularly host a diverse range of music concerts, lives events and broadcasts.

Following a rise in post-production work and the need for simultaneous live and broadcast audio that could be delivered as feeds for TV and radio purposes from all areas of the venue, the two studios required a console upgrade.

The Auditorium’s production manager, Massimiliano Cervini, selected the Studer Vista console, which was supplied by Harman’s Italian distributors Leading Technologies.

“The requirement for a mixer that would provide ease of use led us to the Vista 9,” Cervini said. “The exclusive Vistonics platform is not only user-friendly but is so advanced that it allows everyone to work with the same immediacy, with faster and faster access, combining all the advantages of analogue and digital. We listened to the very high sound quality, and realised we could use this as both a live mixing desk as well as a broadcast console.”

The Auditorium Parco della Musica is now able to undertake live television operations, with direct connection through the tie-lines to externl OB trucks, fibre optic broadcast and returns.

Additionally, two of the performance spaces, Santa Cecilia Hall and Sinopoli Hall, can communicate via each independent control room, and the entire auditorium has broadcast-standard wiring, including the smallest Petrassi Hall, which is now compatible with the two larger rooms.

The console features TFT metering, along with the ease of view and communication with older systems. Also there is a range of DSP cards and MADI slots, said to offer ample redundancy – including channels dedicated to the D21m Stagebox I/Os.

Cervini finished: “We are delighted with our choice of investment and the support given by Leading Technologies. All engineers agree, whether older analogue purists or new generation digital engineers, that with a Studer Vista 9 we have made the best decision.”

In January, prior to the install, Harman’s Studer enhanced operations for the year with the appointment of Ingo Hahn.